nRF Connect Bluetooth Low Energy v2.3.1 or later

nRF Connect Bluetooth Low Energy

nRF Connect Bluetooth® Low Energy is an app for the nRF Connect desktop application for getting familiar with, developing, and testing Bluetooth Low Energy devices. It allows you to set up a local device, connect it to advertising devices and discover their services, maintain the connection and the connection parameters, pair the devices, and change the server setup for your local device. It also offers a detailed log for troubleshooting purposes.

Supported devices
  • PCA10056 nRF52840 Development Kit
  • PCA10040 nRF52 Development Kit
  • PCA10059 nRF52840 Dongle
  • PCA10028 nRF51 Development Kit
  • PCA10031 nRF51 Dongle