Revision history

Date Version Description
October 2021 2.1 Updated the following:
September 2020 2.0 Updated the following:
April 2020 1.2 Updated the following:
  • Operating conditions – Updated with MAGPIO, COEX, MIPI RFFE, SIMIF pins voltage supply references
  • Absolute maximum ratings:
    • Updated with GPS antenna input level and ATEX compliance information
    • Decreased maximum storage temperature to 95 °C
  • Power and clock management:
    • Updated ENABLE pin information
    • Added SYSTEM DISABLED mode information
    • Updated Pin reset voltage level and pull-up information
  • Current consumption:
    • Updated peripherals consumption information
    • Added SYSTEM DISABLED mode information
    • Updated LTE modem Cat-M1 information
    • Added Cat-NB1 information
    • Updated GPS receiver information
  • LTE modem:
    • Added MAGPIO, COEX, and MIPI RFFE timing information
    • Added NB2 mode and COEX features availability information
    • Added information on SIM card power down support during eDRX idle mode
  • GPS receiver - updated with performance information
  • Pin reset - updated description and added schematic
  • Current consumption - I GPS_SINGLE value increased due to design changes to improve performance in poor conditions


October 2019 1.1 Updated: Added:
May 2019 1.0 First release