Recommended operating conditions

The operating conditions are the physical parameters that the chip can operate within.

Table 1. Recommended operating conditions
Symbol Parameter Notes Min. Nom. Max. Units
VDD Battery input voltage

Including voltage drop, ripple and spikes.

RF 3GPP compliancy requires 3.3 V.

3.0 3.8 5.5 V
VDD_GPIO GPIO input voltage   1.7   3.6 V
GPIOH GPIO high level voltage       VDD_GPIO V
MAGPIOH MAGPIO high level voltage   1.8 1.8 V
tR_VDD_GPIO VDD_GPIO rise time (0 V to 1.7 V) IO_SUPPLY should be ramped up before or in parallel with VDD_GPIO 60 ms
TA Operating temperature -40 25 85 °C
Note: There can be excessive leakage at VDD and/or VDD_GPIO if any of these supply voltages is outside its range given in the table above.
Note: It is not recommended to use high voltage, high drive GPIO outputs (VOH,HDH and VOH,HDL) with high frequency, high capacitance loads unless needed, as this may increase noise level and affect radio receiver performance. High drive/high load should especially be avoided on GPIO pins close to the radio front end.

VDD_GPIO considerations

VDD_GPIO is the supply to the general purpose I/O.

The following restrictions should be taken into considerations:
  • VDD_GPIO should be applied after VDD has been supplied
  • VDD_GPIO should be removed before removing VDD
  • If VDD is supplied and VDD_GPIO is grounded, an extra current consumption can be generated on VDD