New and inherited anomalies

The following anomalies are present in Revision 1 of the nRF5340 chip.

Table 1. New and inherited anomalies
ID Domain Module Description New in Revision 1 Inherited from Engineering D
6 Network NVMC Disabling instruction cache causes skip of next instruction   X
43 Application QSPI Reading QSPI registers after XIP might halt application CPU   X
44 Application, Network UARTE TASKS_RESUME impacts UARTE   X
47 Application, Network TWIM I2C timing spec is violated at 400 kHz   X
55 Application, Network RESET Bits in RESETREAS are set when they should not be   X
65 Application SAADC Events are not generated when switching from scan mode to no-scan mode with BURST disabled   X
70 Application NFCT Event FIELDDETECTED may be generated too early   X
71 Application NFCT Frame delay timing is too short after SLP_REQ   X
75 Application PWM False SEQEND[0] and SEQEND[1] events are generated   X
76 Application DPPI Non-secure code can detect secure events   X
87 Network RADIO RSSI parameter adjustment   X
99 Application QSPI Mode 3 is not functional at 96 MHz   X
112 Application I2S 24-bit sample in a 32-bit half-frame is received incorrectly   X
113 Network RADIO Reading DTX in MODECNF0 gives incorrect value   X
117 Network RADIO Changing MODE requires additional configuration   X
119 Network GPIO Writes to LATCH register take several CPU cycles to take effect   X
121 Application QSPI Configuration of peripheral requires additional steps   X
122 Network CTRL-AP Successive triggering of CTRLAP.ERASEALL has no effect   X
133 Application QSPI Degraded radio performance with QSPI X  
134 Network RADIO Incorrect value for IRADIO_TX3 X  
135 Application, Network SPIM No output from SPIM4 X  
136 Application QSPI QSPI has limited supply voltage range X  
137 Application, Network CLOCK LFRC calibration is not performed X  
138 Application COMP LPCOMP consumes additional current X  
140 Application CLOCK Soft reset during LFRC calibration prevents watchdog reset and LFCLK from being started   X
152 Application, Network RADIO Incorrect value for I_S10 X  
153 Application GPIOTE GPIOTE with low-power latency setting does not register IN events in System ON IDLE X  
154 Application, Network Package WLCSP package dimension L is incorrect X  
155 Network RADIO Incorrect value for ED_RSSISCALE X  
157 Network CCM On-the-fly decryption fails for direction finding packets X  
158 Network RADIO Using POWER register clears RADIO trim values X  
159 Application QSPI Data can be corrupted in certain clock configurations X  
160 Application, Network REGULATORS VREGMAIN and VREGRADIO can malfunction in DC/DC mode X  
161 Application, Network RESET Network core is not fully reset after Force-OFF X  
162 Application, Network Package WLCSP package dimension A3 is incorrect X  
163 Application SAADC Gain error exceeds specified value when using VDD as reference X  
165 Application, Network DEVICE Network core can malfunction after CPU sleep X  
166 Application REGULATORS VREGMAIN can malfunction in LDO mode X  
167 Application USBD SPU FLASHACCERR is generated after re-enabling USBD X  
168 Application, Network CPU CPU can malfunction after sleep X