Wi-Fi Alliance Certification

Nordic Semiconductor will support programs and paths to create Qualified Solutions that can be used by customers to accelerate the Wi-Fi® certification of their End Products.

The Wi-Fi Alliance® is a worldwide network of companies that drives global Wi-Fi evolution, spectrum advocacy, and industry-wide collaboration. Its work includes the development of innovative technologies, requirements, and test programs, so that Wi-Fi solutions provide the highest levels of interoperability, security, and reliability. Since 2000, Wi-Fi Alliance® has developed certification programs to ensure that Wi-Fi products from multiple manufacturers work well together.

This document lists the certification programs for which the nRF70 Series devices will be certified and gives an overview of the certification process. It describes Nordic Semiconductor's chosen programs and paths to streamline the process of delivering Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ solutions and guides customers through accelerated Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ End Product design.