The glossary contains terms and acronyms that are used in this document.


The information provided by a member for both Qualified Solution and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ candidates. This includes new Products and Variants.

Authorized Test Laboratories (ATL)

Independent testing laboratories authorized by Wi-Fi Alliance® to perform FlexTrack and QuickTrack testing.


Certification Identification number (CID)

A unique tracking number that is assigned to a certification application for record keeping. A product has only one CID even though it can be certified at different times for different programs.


Control App

Control software that is integrated into the Device Under Test (DUT) to allow testing with QuickTrack or FlexTrack.

Core and Conformance

Full suite of interoperability and conformance testing necessary for Qualified Solutions or Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products.


A new product that is replicated from a Source Product and has no changes to the Wi-Fi Component Combination or certifications.

Device Under Test (DUT)

A manufactured product undergoing testing.


End Product

Products or devices that contain Wi-Fi® functionality that are typically sold to consumers, integrators, service providers, and network deployers.


Interoperability and conformance methodology to test and certify member’s end products using Wi-Fi Alliance® test plans and test beds.

Internet Systems Consortium (ISC)

A non-profit corporation that supports the infrastructure of the Internet by developing and maintaining core production-quality software, protocols, and operations


Member Conformance Test Laboratory (MCTL)

A Wi-Fi Alliance® Member’s internal laboratory that uses QuickTrack Test Tool to test their own End Product.



For the purpose of the certification program, products are 802.11 devices, wireless products, or equipment that has or will test for Wi-Fi Alliance® certification programs.

Qualified Solution

A product consisting of a collection of qualified components that serves as the basis for creating and certifying other products through the QuickTrack methodology and can also be certified itself.

Qualified Solution Variant

A new version of a Qualified Solution that includes a Solution Provider’s change to the Wi-Fi component combination and/or certifications.


Wi-Fi Alliance® conformance testing methodology to certify End Products based on a Qualified Solution.

Real-time operating system (RTOS)

An operating system that reacts to input within a specific period of time. A real-time deadline can be so small that system reaction appears instantaneous.


Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE)

A secure key establishment protocol between devices to provide stronger protection for users against password guessing attempts by third parties.


Station Under Test (STAUT)

A Wi-Fi® Station undergoing testing.


Solution Provider

A company that has demonstrated the ability to produce and maintain a Qualified Solution.

Solution Test Laboratory (STL)

The laboratory of a Solution Provider that has been accredited by Wi-Fi Alliance to create, test, and validate Qualified Solutions and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products.



A new version of a previously Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ product that includes a change to the Wi-Fi® Component Combination or Wi-Fi® capabilities and maintains Wi-Fi® interoperability.

Wi-Fi Component Combination (Wi-Fi CC)

A unique combination of hardware and software that provides the Wi-Fi® capabilities within a product.

Wi-Fi CC