Wi-Fi certification paths

An End Product can achieve Wi-Fi® certification through the Derivative, QuickTrack, or FlexTrack paths.

Tailored to product portfolios where multiple End Products use identical Wi-Fi designs, such as multiple television models with the same Wi-Fi module, or appliances designed by one vendor for distribution under other vendors’ brands. Members apply for certification of derivative products without the requirement to complete testing.
QuickTrack is tailored to End Product based on Qualified Solutions that have already completed Wi-Fi Core and Conformance testing.

QuickTrack is the latest certification path launched by the Wi-Fi Alliance® designed to lower certification costs and to reduce the time to complete certification testing. It allows targeted modifications to Wi-Fi components and functionality. A subset of tests is required and can be completed at a customer's Member Conformance Test Laboratory (MCTL), a customer's Solution Test Laboratory (STL), or an Authorized Test Laboratories (ATL).

Tailored to highly differentiated products designed from the ground up. FlexTrack allows extensive flexibility in product design, including customization and optimization of Wi-Fi functionality. This track is not required for End Products based on Qualified Solutions.
Table 1. Wi-Fi certification path comparison table
Certification Solution type Customization allowed Test requirements
Derivative Copy of a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ device source product No changes to Wi-Fi functionality Apply for certification without additional testing
QuickTrack Based on a Qualified Solution Targeted changes to Wi-Fi functionality Testing can be done at customer's MCTL, customer's STL, or ATL
FlexTrack Built from the ground up Extensive flexibility in Wi-Fi customization, including Wi-Fi functionality customization and optimization Testing must be completed at an ATL