Wi-Fi Alliance recognized test laboratories

Wi-Fi Alliance® certification activities are carried out at three types of test laboratory, in accordance with published guidelines.

The three types of test laboratory are described in the following section.

Authorized Test Laboratories (ATL)
Independent testing laboratories authorized by the Wi-Fi Alliance to perform FlexTrack and QuickTrack certification testing. Any member company can avail of their services.
For a list of ATLs see Authorized Test Laboratories
Solution Test Laboratory (STL)
A Solution Provider that has been accredited by Wi-Fi Alliance to create, test and validate Qualified Solution candidates and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ products. An STL can perform Core and Conformance testing on their products and their Variants.
Member Conformance Test Laboratory (MCTL)
A Wi-Fi Alliance member’s internal laboratory that uses the QuickTrack Test Tool to test their own End Product.