Qualified Solution

Nordic Semiconductor, as a Solution Provider, plans to create Qualified Solutions and Qualified Solution Variants for its product evaluation platforms based on nRF70 Series devices and the nRF Connect SDK. This enables customers to use the QuickTrack Wi-Fi® certification process.

A Solution Provider creates a Qualified Solution by determining the Wi-Fi Component Combination (Wi-Fi CC) and Wi-Fi capabilities of the Product.

The Wi-Fi CC is a unique combination of hardware and software that provides the Wi-Fi capabilities within a product. The following list contains Wi-Fi CC components tracked by the Wi-Fi Alliance®:

A Qualified Solution can contain additional components, but the Wi-Fi Alliance only records the listed Wi-Fi components as a Wi-Fi CC in the Certification System. Solution Providers can choose to create Qualified Solution Variants for their own products or to provide their customers a choice between different Wi-Fi components and provide a choice of Wi-Fi capabilities from a single Qualified Solution.

An End Product developer can use any Qualified Solution Variant available in the Certification System. If a change to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ End Product is needed, an End Product Variant can be created.