New and inherited anomalies

The following anomalies are present in revision Engineering A of the nRF52840 chip.

Table 1. New and inherited anomalies
ID Module Description New in Engineering A
15 POWER RAM[x].POWERSET/CLR read as zero X
20 RTC Register values are invalid X
36 CLOCK Some registers are not reset when expected X
54 I2S Wrong LRCK polarity in Aligned mode X
55 I2S RXPTRUPD and TXPTRUPD events asserted after STOP X
58 SPIM An additional byte is clocked out when RXD.MAXCNT = 1 X
66 TEMP Linearity specification not met with default settings X
68 CLOCK EVENTS_HFCLKSTARTED can be generated before HFCLK is stable X
78 TIMER High current consumption when using timer STOP task only X
81 GPIO PIN_CNF is not retained when in debug interface mode X
83 TWIS STOPPED event occurs twice if the STOP task is triggered during a transaction X
87 CPU Unexpected wake from System ON Idle when using FPU X
89 GPIOTE Static 400 µA current while using GPIOTE X
94 USBD BUSSTATE register is not functional X
96 I2S DMA buffers can only be located in the first 64 kB of data RAM X
97 GPIOTE High current consumption in System ON Idle mode X
98 NFCT Not able to communicate with the peer X
103 CCM Reset value of CCM.MAXPACKETSIZE causes encryption, decryption, and MIC failures X
104 USBD EPDATA event is not always generated X
110 RADIO Packet loss or degraded sensitivity X
111 RAM Retention in OFF mode is not controlled by RAM[n].POWER->SxRETENTION, but by RAM[n].POWER->SxPOWER X
112 RADIO False SFD field matches in IEEE 802.15.4 mode RX X
113 COMP Single-ended mode with external reference is not functional X
115 RAM RAM content cannot be trusted upon waking up from System ON Idle or System OFF mode X
116 NFCT HFCLK not stopped when entering into SENSE_FIELD state X
117 System Reading address 0x40029618 blocks the device X
118 QSPI Reading halfwords or bytes from the XIP region is not supported X
119 POWER Wake up from System OFF on VBUS detect is not functional X
121 QSPI Second read and long read commands fail X
122 QSPI QSPI uses current after being disabled X
127 UARTE Two stop bit setting is not functional X
128 PDM RATIO register is not functional X
131 UARTE EasyDMA transfer size is limited to 255 bytes X
133 CLOCK,RADIO NRF_RADIO->EVENTS_BCMATCH event might trigger twice X
134 USBD ISOINCONFIG register is not functional X
135 USBD SIZE.ISOOUT register does not report empty incoming packets X
136 System Bits in RESETREAS are set when they should not be X
140 POWER REG0 External circuitry supply in LDO mode is not functional in System ON IDLE X
142 RADIO Sensitivity not according to specification X
143 RADIO False CRC failures on specific addresses X
144 NFCT Not optimal NFC performance X
145 SPIM SPIM3 not functional X
147 CLOCK LFRC ULP mode not calibrated in production X
150 SAADC EVENT_STARTED does not fire X
151 NVMC Access to protected memory through Cache X
153 RADIO RSSI parameter adjustment X
154 USBD USBD acknowledges setup stage without STATUS task X
155 GPIOTE IN event may occur more than once on input edge X
156 GPIOTE Some CLR tasks give unintentional behavior X
158 RADIO High power consumption in DISABLED state X
160 SAADC VDDHDIV5 not functional X
162 USBD Writing to registers with offset address 0x52C causes USB to halt X
164 RADIO Low selectivity in long range mode X
166 USBD ISO double buffering not functional X
170 I2S NRF_I2S->PSEL CONNECT fields are not readable X
171 USB,USBD USB might not power up X
173 GPIO Writes to LATCH register take several CPU cycles to take effect X
176 System Flash erase through CTRL-AP fails due to watchdog time-out X
179 RTC COMPARE event is generated twice from a single RTC compare match X
180 USBD Wrong PLL calibration in production X
181 NFCT Invalid value in FICR for double-size NFCID1 X
183 PWM False SEQEND[0] and SEQEND[1] events X
184 NVMC Erase or write operations from the external debugger fail when CPU is not halted X
192 CLOCK LFRC frequency offset after calibration X
194 I2S STOP task does not switch off all resources X
196 I2S PSEL acquires GPIOs regardless of ENABLE X
200 USBD Cannot write to SIZE.EPOUT register X
201 CLOCK EVENTS_HFCLKSTARTED might be generated twice X