New and inherited anomalies

The following anomalies are present in Revision 2 of the nRF52832 chip.

Table 1. New and inherited anomalies
ID Module Description New in Revision 2 Inherited from Revision 1
12 COMP Reference ladder is not correctly calibrated   X
15 POWER RAM[x].POWERSET/CLR read as zero   X
20 RTC Register values are invalid   X
31 CLOCK Calibration values are not correctly loaded from FICR at reset   X
36 CLOCK Some registers are not reset when expected   X
51 I2S Aligned stereo slave mode does not work   X
54 I2S Wrong LRCK polarity in Aligned mode   X
55 I2S RXPTRUPD and TXPTRUPD events asserted after STOP   X
58 SPIM An additional byte is clocked out when RXD.MAXCNT = 1   X
64 NFCT Only full bytes can be received or transmitted, but supports 4-bit frame transmit   X
66 TEMP Linearity specification not met with default settings   X
67 NFCT, PPI Some events cannot be used with the PPI   X
68 CLOCK EVENTS_HFCLKSTARTED can be generated before HFCLK is stable   X
72 NFCT, PPI TASKS_ACTIVATE cannot be used with the PPI   X
74 SAADC Started events fires prematurely   X
75 MWU Increased current consumption   X
76 LPCOMP READY event is set sooner than it should   X
77 CLOCK RC oscillator is not calibrated when first started   X
78 TIMER High current consumption when using timer STOP task only   X
79 NFCT A false EVENTS_FIELDDETECTED event occurs after the field is lost   X
81 GPIO PIN_CNF is not retained when in debug interface mode   X
83 TWIS STOPPED event occurs twice if the STOP task is triggered during a transaction   X
84 COMP ISOURCE not functional   X
86 SAADC Triggering START task after offset calibration may write a sample to RAM   X
87 CPU Unexpected wake from System ON Idle when using FPU   X
88 WDT Increased current consumption when configured to pause in System ON idle   X
89 GPIOTE Static 400 µA current while using GPIOTE   X
91 RADIO Radio performance using CSP package version   X
97 GPIOTE High current consumption in System ON Idle mode   X
101 CLOCK Sleep current increases after soft reset   X
108 RAM RAM content cannot be trusted upon waking up from System ON Idle or System OFF mode   X
109 DMA DMA access transfers might be corrupted   X
113 COMP Single-ended mode with external reference is not functional   X
132 CLOCK The LFRC oscillator might not start   X
136 System Bits in RESETREAS are set when they should not be   X
138 RADIO Spurious emission on GPIO exceeds limits in radiated tests   X
141 NFCT HFCLK not stopped when entering SENSE mode   X
143 RADIO False CRC failures on specific addresses   X
146 CLOCK LFRC frequency deviation   X
149 TWIM First clock pulse after clock stretching may be too long or too short   X
150 SAADC EVENT_STARTED does not fire   X
155 GPIOTE IN event may occur more than once on input edge   X
156 GPIOTE Some CLR tasks give unintentional behavior   X
173 GPIO Writes to LATCH register take several CPU cycles to take effect   X
176 System Flash erase through CTRL-AP fails due to watchdog time-out   X
178 SAADC END event firing too early   X
179 RTC COMPARE event is generated twice from a single RTC compare match   X
182 RADIO Fixes for anomalies #102, #106, and #107 do not take effect X  
183 PWM False SEQEND[0] and SEQEND[1] events   X
192 CLOCK LFRC frequency offset after calibration   X
194 I2S STOP task does not switch off all resources   X
196 I2S PSEL acquires GPIOs regardless of ENABLE   X
201 CLOCK EVENTS_HFCLKSTARTED might be generated twice   X
204 RADIO Switching between TX and RX causes unwanted emissions   X
210 GPIO Bits in GPIO LATCH register are incorrectly set to 1   X
212 SAADC Events are not generated when switching from scan mode to no-scan mode with burst enabled   X
213 WDT WDT configuration is cleared when entering system OFF   X
218 NFCT Frame delay timing is too short after SLP_REQ   X
219 TWIM I2C timing spec is violated at 400 kHz   X
220 CPU RAM is not ready when written   X
241 SAADC Static 400 µA current after SAADC is disabled   X
245 RADIO CRC is wrong when data whitening is enabled and address field is included in CRC calculation   X
252 SAADC Unexpected behavior when TASKS_CALIBRATEOFFSET is used during sampling   X
262 POWER CPU does not resume execution after CPU IDLE   X