[156] GPIOTE: Some CLR tasks give unintentional behavior

This anomaly applies to IC Rev. Revision 2, build codes CIAA-Ex0, QFAA-Ex0, QFAB-Ex0.

It was inherited from the previous IC revision Revision 1.


One of the following symptoms may occur:
  • Current consumption is high when entering IDLE.
  • Latency for detection changes on inputs connected to GPIOTE channels is becoming longer than expected.


The following tasks are in use:
Address GPIOTE task
0x060 TASKS_CLR[0]
0x068 TASKS_CLR[2]
0x070 TASKS_CLR[4]
0x078 TASKS_CLR[6]


Experiencing high current consumption during System ON Idle, or too long time from external event to internal triggering of PPI event and/or IRQ from GPIOTE.


Instead of using TASKS_CLR[n], set CONFIG[n].POLARITY to HiToLo and trigger TASKS_OUT[n], with n = 0, 2, 4, 6.