pynrfjprog v10.x.x

Installing pynrfjprog

The pynrfjprog software package can be installed using the Python installer program pip, or from the zip file provided by Nordic Semiconductor.

As the pynrfjprog package provides access to the nrfjprog DLL, it relies on the SEGGER J-Link ARM DLL being installed on the system. The required nrfjprog DLL is part of the installation and is included in the pynrfjprog directory. The SEGGER DLL is not included, but nrfjprog must be able to find it.

In the following cases, the nrfjprog DLL can determine the location of the SEGGER DLL:

If the location of the SEGGER DLL cannot be determined automatically, it is possible to pass the location of the DLL when instantiating the nrfjprog DLL object, i.e. when initializing the API(..., jlink_arm_dll_path="/PATH", ...).