nRF Util for nRF5 SDK v1.0.0

nRF Util for nRF5 SDK

nRF Util 7.0.0 and later supports Device Firmware Update (DFU) and cryptographic functionality, designed for nRF5 SDK, when the command nrf5sdk-tools is installed.

Note: If you plan to use nRF Utils with NCS or nRF5 SDK, for functionality other than DFU and cryptography, please refer to: nRF Util.

The nRF Util for nRF5 SDK application has the following features:

There are two different DFU package formats:

The DFU package format transitioned from legacy to modern in nRF5 SDK v12.0.0. nRF Util for nRF5 SDK supports only modern firmware packages compatible with nRF5 SDK v15.3.0 and later. For support of earlier SDKs and the legacy firmware format, see the documentation for the legacy Python package: nRF Util User Guide v6.1.0.

Note: By default, firmware images compatible with nRF SDK 15.3.0 and later are created. Firmware images compatible with nRF SDK 12.0 to nRF SDK 15.0 can be supported by using the --no-backup command when generating the DFU settings.

See the DFU bootloader and BLE Secure DFU Bootloader example in the nRF5 SDK documentation for more information about DFU.