nRF Util for nRF5 SDK v1.0.0

Installing nRF Util for nRF5 SDK

nRF Util for nRF5 SDK is installed as a nrf5sdk-tools command in nRF Util version 7.0.0 or later

As a prerequisite, ensure the nrfjprog executable is installed and available in the system path. nrfjprog is part of nRF Command Line Tools. Download and installation information is available here: Installing the nRF Command Line Tools

Install nRF Util as follows:

  1. Download the nrfutil executable file from nRF Util.
  2. Install nRF Util by doing one of the following:
    • Run nrfutil from the command line in the folder where it was downloaded.
    • Move it to a folder in the system path, to run it from anywhere on the system.
  3. On macOS and Linux, give nrfutil execute permissions by typing chmod +x nrfutil in a terminal or using a file browser.
    This is typically a checkbox found under file properties.

Next, to install the nrf5sdk-tools command:

  1. Run nrfutil install nrf5sdk-tools.
    When nrf5sdk-tools is installed, nRF Util behaves in the same way as nRF Util 6.1 and earlier.

The command package is installed to a sub folder under {USER HOME DIRECTORY}/.nrfutil/.