nRF Util v7.0.0

nRF Util

nRF Util is a modular command line tool, enabling power users to manage Nordic devices and support automation.

nRF Util is provided as an executable file (nrfutil) that can install, manage, and launch additional domain specific commands. nRF Util and commands support JSON output, so you can do automation, scripting and custom manipulation of the data available from nRF Util. The underlying architecture of nRF Util is aligned with that of nRF Connect for Desktop applications.

nRF Util supports the following commands:

nRF Util has tier 1 support for the following platforms:

In addition, nRF Util has tier 2 support for Windows 11 (x64), Ubuntu 22.04 (x64), and MacOS 12 (x64, arm64).

You can find the tier definitions here: nRF Connect SDK Supported Operating Systems.