nRF5 Series: Developing with SEGGER Embedded Studio

This guide will help you get started with your nRF5 Series DK (Development Kit) and developing your application with SEGGER Embedded Studio (SES).

If you have worked with any of Nordic Semiconductor's products before, you are probably familiar with the required software tools. In this case, this guide will mostly provide reference information.

If this is your first time developing software for a Nordic Semiconductor System on Chip (SoC), this guide will help you set up your development toolchain and guide you through all the steps that are necessary to develop, program, test, and debug your application.

This guide describes how to work with SES. SES is a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE), so you can run it on different operating systems. For use with Nordic Semiconductor devices, you can get a free license that has no limitations.

There are two Getting Started Guides that show how to work with different IDEs: Check out the Nordic DevZone for additional setup information and help.