nRF Connect Cellular Monitor v1.0.4 or later

nRF Connect Cellular Monitor

nRF Connect for Desktop Cellular Monitor is a cross-platform tool for Nordic Semiconductor nRF91 Series devices. It is used for capturing and analyzing modem traces to evaluate communication and view network parameters.

A cellular connection involves the interoperation of diverse components and scenarios. Sometimes not everything goes according to plan, and we need information about the environment. The modem of the nRF91 Series System in Package (SiP) collects data about the connection in a modem trace. With Cellular Monitor, you can access the trace data and use it to visualize and optimize the connection.

Cellular Monitor features include:

Cellular Monitor replaces the deprecated nRF Connect for Desktop apps Trace Collector and LTE Link Monitor.

Cellular Monitor is installed and updated using nRF Connect for Desktop.