External power off warnings %XPOFWARN

The proprietary %XPOFWARN command controls the power off warnings from the modem. The command is supported by nRF9160 SIxA B1A. v1.1.x≥3 v1.2.x≥1 v1.3.x

%XPOFWARN is based on voltage level detection without any delay. When this warning has been sent once, it needs to be enabled again by sending AT%XPOFWARN=1,<voltage>.

%XPOFWARN is enabled by default at the 3000 mV level. Active %XPOFWARN warning blocks the storing to NVM.v1.3.x≥2

For a detailed description of the nRF9160 power supply monitoring functionality, see Power supply monitoring in nRF9160 Product Specification.

Configuring and enabling the external power failure warning described in External power failure warning in nRF9160 Product Specification is supported by modem firmware.v1.3.x≥1