Set command

The set command configures the power off warnings from the modem. The warning is received as an unsolicited AT indication. A hardware indication event is also sent to the application domain.

When the power off warning is sent, the modem sets itself to Offline mode and sends +CGEV: ME BATTERY LOW and %MDMEV: ME BATTERY LOW in modem firmware that supports %MDMEV.

To receive unsolicited +CGEV and %MDMEV notifications, the application must first request and enable them.

The application is responsible for detecting possible increase in the battery voltage level and for restarting the LTE protocol activities. This can be detected by issuing the %XVBAT query. If the level is acceptable again (>3000 mV), the application can proceed with +CFUN=1. For more information, see nRF9160 Product Specification.



The set command parameters and their defined values are the following:

0 – Disable power off warnings
1 – Enable power off warnings
The voltage level when the power off warning is sent. Mandatory when enabling power off warnings. Optional when disabling power off warnings.
30 – 3000 mV
31 – 3100 mV
32 – 3200 mV
33 – 3300 mV

The following command example enables the power off warning in 3000 mV: