Modem Reset Loop Restriction

Reset loop restriction prevents excessive signaling towards the network during continuous modem or application reset loops on a nRF91 Series modem.

The restriction mechanism counts the modem activations that lead to a reset without deinitializing the modem between the activations. The modem starts blocking LTE radio connections after the number of resets has reached the defined limit. The modem continues blocking the connections for a certain amount of the modem's runtime. This means that the modem must be initialized for the duration of the blocking.

When the reset count reaches the limit, the blocking restriction is written to Non-volatile Memory (NVM). The wait time cannot be bypassed after the wait has started. If the modem is reset during the wait period, the wait period is restarted with the initial wait period.

Note: Reset loop restriction should be taken into consideration when testing is planned to avoid unwanted behavior.