Activation of reset loop restriction

The modem counts all the resets where the modem is not gracefully deinitialized with +CFUN=0. When the modem is deinitialized with the +CFUN=0 AT command, the reset count is set to zero.

The activation of the reset loop restriction is notified with the %MDMEV: RESET LOOP AT notification after the modem's activation when the blocking starts or is still ongoing. A modem reset and deinitialization with +CFUN=0 removes the notification subscription and a new subscription is required after the modem is initialized.

Modem domain event notifications, including notifications of the modem reset loop restriction's activation, can be subscribed with the following %MDMEV AT command:


For more information on the %MDMEV AT command, see Modem domain event reporting %MDMEV in nRF91 AT Commands Reference Guide.