Modem behavior during reset loop restriction

The activation of the reset loop restriction starts the timer with a 30 minute period. During this time, the modem blocks all Attach attempts. After the timer has expired, the modem starts normal behavior and automatically regains LTE service for possible connections the same way as when the modem is activated without the reset loop restriction.

If the modem is switched off gracefully during a restriction period, the remaining time is stored to Non-volatile Memory (NVM), and the timer starts again with the remaining time during the next modem initialization. The timer starts again with the last remaining time that has been stored to NVM.

Note: The stored remaining time may still be the initial 30 min if the NVM update has not yet been done periodically or by trigger after the restriction timer has started.

The restriction timer does not run when the modem has no power. The timer starts after the modem has been initialized. Clearing the reset count with +CFUN=0 does not impact an ongoing restriction period.

If the modem is reset during a restriction period, the timer starts again with the initial value or a previously stored remaining time during the next modem initialization.

In product development phase, active reset loop restriction can be removed with the %XFACTORYRESET=0 command. The command should not be used for this purpose in the final product. If %XFACTORYRESET=0 is used, all modem data, including user-configurable data, is reset.

%XFACTORYRESET=0 causes writing to NVM. When using %XFACTORYRESET=0, take NVM wear into account.
The following command example subscribes modem domain event notifications:

The following command example activates the modem:


The following modem domain event notification indicates that reset loop restriction is active: