Configuration of RFFE device control

The external MIPI RF Front-End Control Interface (RFFE) control in nRF9160 supports configuring the RFFE device for four different phases of RF operation. The phases are initializing (INIT), start receiving or transmitting (ON), stop receiving or transmitting (OFF), and going to sleep (PWROFF).

The phases of RF operation are described in the following figure.

Figure 1. RFFE device control and timing in different phases
RFFE device control and timing in different use cases

In each phase, up to four register writes can be defined to the addresses of the RFFE slave device using the %XMIPIRFFECTRL AT command. Defining register writes to all use cases is not mandatory. In the ON phase, two out of the four register values are tabulated based on the control action to be applied.

For the generic format of the %XMIPIRFFECTRL AT command and information on the RF operation phases, see SiP-external MIPIRFFE device control configuration %XMIPIRFFECTRL in nRF91 AT Commands Reference Guide.