[17] Debug and Trace: LTE modem stops when debugging through SWD interface

This anomaly applies to IC Rev. Engineering A, build codes SICA-BAA.


LTE modem operation might fail during debugging.
Note: Using nRF Connect SDK, bsd_recoverable_error_handler number 3 is triggered.


Debugging the application through SWD interface.


The LTE modem operation might stop.


When debugging, register 0xC04 in the peripheral CLOCK/POWER must be set to the value 0x02 before the modem is initialized (bsd_init()). When using nRF Connect SDK, we recommend adding the following code at the end of the function SystemInit () in file …\zephyr\ext\hal\nordic\nrfx\mdk\system_nrf9160.c.

        *(volatile uint32_t *)0x40005C04 = 0x02ul; 
This workaround will increase overall power consumption and is not suitable for power measurement. When you want to disable this patch, remove the code and perform a pin reset or power cycle the device.