nRF5 SDK v11.0.0
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HardFault exception

Default HardFault exception implementation. More...

Data Structures

struct  HardFault_stack
 Contents of the stack. More...


typedef struct HardFault_stack HardFault_stack_t
 Contents of the stack. More...


void HardFault_process (HardFault_stack_t *p_stack)
 Function for processing HardFault exceptions. More...

Detailed Description

Default HardFault exception implementation.

Typedef Documentation

Contents of the stack.

This structure is used to re-create the stack layout after a HardFault exception was raised.

Function Documentation

void HardFault_process ( HardFault_stack_t p_stack)

Function for processing HardFault exceptions.

An application that needs to process HardFault exceptions should provide an implementation of this function. It will be called from the HardFault handler. If no implementation is provided, the library uses a default one, which just restarts the MCU.

If the DEBUG_NRF macro is defined, the software breakpoint is set just before the call to this function.
p_stackPointer to the stack bottom. This pointer might be NULL if the HardFault was called when the main stack was the active stack and a stack overrun is detected. In such a situation, the stack pointer is reinitialized to the default position, and the stack content is lost.

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