nRF5 SDK v11.0.0
SDK common libraries


 GATT Database Service Structure
 Persistent Storage Interface
 Abstracted flash interface.
 Button Handler
 Buttons handling module.
 Section variables
 Section variables.
 Flash Data Storage
 Flash Data Storage (FDS).
 FIFO implementation
 FIFO implementation.
 Module which provides functionality to store data to flash and erase flash pages.
 GPIOTE Handler
 GPIOTE handler module.
 HardFault exception
 Default HardFault exception implementation.
 Memory pool
 Memory pool implementation.
 SLIP module
 SLIP layer for supporting packet framing in HCI transport.
 HCI Transport
 HCI transport module implementation.
 IC information
 Library for checking IC information (IC revision, RAM size, FLASH size).
 Low-power PWM
 Module for generating a low-power pulse-width modulated output signal.
 Mailbox library
 Mailbox for safely queuing items.
 Memory Manager
 Memory Manager for the nRF5 SDK.
 Pulse-width modulation (PWM)
 Module for generating a pulse-width modulated output signal.
 The scheduler is used for transferring execution from the interrupt context to the main context.
 SHA-256 hash library
 This module calculates SHA-256 (SHA-2, FIPS-180) hashes.
 Simple Timer
 Simple timer module.
 SLIP encoding decoding
 This module encodes and decodes slip packages (RFC1055).
 Application Timer
 Application timer functionality.
 Debug Logger
 Enables debug logs/ trace over UART.
 TWI transaction manager
 Module for scheduling TWI transactions.
 UART module
 UART module interface.
 Common application error handler
 Common application error handler and macros for utilizing a common error handler.
 Utility Functions and Definitions
 Various types and definitions available to all applications.
 Utility Functions and Definitions (Platform)
 Various types and definitions available to all applications when using SoftDevice.
 UART/RTT logging
 Library to output logging information over SEGGER's Real Time Transfer (RTT), UART, or raw UART.
 SDK Error codes
 Mapped flags
 Module for writing and reading flags that are associated with keys.
 SoftDevice Event Handler
 API for initializing and disabling the SoftDevice.
 Board Support Package
 BSP module.
 Adafruit PN532 NFC Shield library
 Adafruit PN532 NFC Shield library for reading and writing tags.

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