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Date Description
2022-09-27 Updated:
2022-02-21 Updated:
  • Changed document title to Nordic Thingy:91 Hardware
  • Editorial changes
2021-12-15 Updated:
2021-08-12 Updated: Removed:
  • Getting started
  • Firmware
The removed content can be found in Getting started with Thingy:91.
November 2020 Updated the following sections with the information needed for Thingy:91 v1.4.0: Added:
May 2020 Updated:
  • Firmware chapter by adding links to relevant documentation
  • Firmware update chapter with Programming Nordic Thingy:91
April 2020 Updated Nordic Thingy:91 Hardware
December 2019 Updated:
  • Kit content diagram and added a short description
  • Getting started
  • Connecting LTE Link Monitor
  • Buttons
  • Figures with callouts indicating functionality of components
Added the different ways to obtain firmware images for updating firmware, and operating modes:
  • Firmware chapter
Updated different firmware update methods and added new update technique using USB (MCUBoot)
August 2019 First release