Power Profiler Kit v1.1.0

Quick start

Complete a few steps to set up your Power Profiler Kit (PPK). The PPK is connected to an nRF5 DK (not included in the package).

In this quick start, the PPK measures current on the nRF5 DK, which also acts as a power supply and sends data to the Power Profiler app.

  1. Prepare the nRF5 DK for current measurements. See the following user guides for more information:
  2. Connect the PPK to the Development Kit (DK).
    Figure 1. Connecting the PPK to the DK
    Connecting the PPK to the nRF5 DK
  3. Connect the DK to a computer using a micro-USB cable.
    Figure 2. Typical configuration for measuring current on the DK
    Typical configuration for current measurements on the nRF5 DK
  4. Set the switches on the PPK as shown in the figure above.
  5. Install the Power Profiler app from nRF Connect for Desktop as described in Installing the Power Profiler app.
  6. Start the Power Profiler app as described in Using the Power Profiler app.

The PPK is now ready to use.