nRF Command Line Tools v10.11.1

Programming SoCs with nrfjprog

To program Nordic Semiconductor SoCs through SEGGER J-Link programmers and debuggers, use the nrfjprog executable.

Important: This version of the nrfjprog executable has been developed and tested for the bundled SEGGER software. It will most likely work with other versions of the SEGGER software, but keep in mind that there could be major changes that break the compatibility.
See nrfjprog commands for an overview of all available nrfjprog commands, and nrfjprog return codes for a list of possible return codes.

To set up a standard configuration for using the nrfjprog utility, use the initialization file nrfjprog.ini (as listed in the nRF Command Line Tools file structure). The currently supported configuration parameters are Family and Clockspeed. For example, by setting Family = NRF51, the family NRF51 will be chosen when calling nrjprog without providing the --family option. By default, if called without the --family option, nrfjprog uses UNKNOWN and detects the target family automatically.

The following example shows how to use nrfjprog to erase all available user flash (including UICR) and program the file file.hex to an nRF52 SoC:
nrfjprog -f NRF52 --program file.hex –-chiperase