nRF9160 DK v1.0.0


The glossary contains terms and acronyms that are used in this document.

Band-Pass Filter (BPF)

An electronic device or circuit that passes frequencies within a certain range and rejects frequencies outside that range.



LTE-M User Equipment (UE) category with a single RX antenna, specified in 3GPP Release 13.


Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) User Equipment (UE) category with 200 kHz UE bandwidth and a single RX antenna, specified in 3GPP Release 13.

Clear to Send (CTS)

In flow control, the receiving end is ready and telling the far end to start sending.


Development Kit (DK)

A development platform used for application development.


Fast Identity Online (FIDO)

A bundle of hardware and software modules serving as a tracing interface between traced device(s) and user application.


Global Positioning System (GPS)

A satellite-based radio navigation system that provides its users with accurate location and time information over the globe.


Hardware Flow Control (HWFC)

A handshaking mechanism used to prevent an overflow of bytes in modems. It is utilizing two dedicated pins on the RS-232 connector, Request to Send and Clear to Send.


Inter-integrated Circuit (I2C)

A multi-master, multi-slave, packet-switched, single-ended, serial computer bus.


Low-Dropout Regulator (LDO)

A linear voltage regulator that can operate even when the supply voltage is very close to the desired output voltage.


Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA)

In a radio receiving system, an electronic amplifier that amplifies a very low-power signal without significantly degrading its signal-to-noise ratio.


nRF Connect for Cloud

Nordic Semiconductor's platform for connecting IoT devices to the cloud, viewing and analyzing device message data, prototyping ideas that use Nordic Semiconductor chips, and more. It includes a public REST API that can be used for building IoT solutions. See nRF Connect for Cloud (

Operational Amplifier (op-amp)

A high-gain voltage amplifier that has a differential input and, usually, a single output.


Receive Data (RXD)

A signal line in a serial interface that receives data from another device.


Request to Send (RTS)

In flow control, the transmitting end is ready and requesting the far end for a permission to transfer data.


SAW filter

A high-performing filter using Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology. This technology employs piezoelectric transducers, which, when excited, produce waves that are used to filter out desired frequencies.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)

An acoustic wave traveling along the surface of a material exhibiting elasticity, with an amplitude that typically decays exponentially with depth into the substrate.


System in Package (SiP)

A number of integrated circuits, often from different technologies, enclosed in a single module that performs as a system or subsystem.


System on Chip (SoC)

A microchip that integrates all the necessary electronic circuits and components of a computer or other electronic systems on a single integrated circuit.


Transmit Data (TXD)

A signal line in a serial interface that transmits data to another device.