nRF9160 DK v1.1.0

Radiated performance of nRF9160 DK

The Long-Term Evolution (LTE) antenna on the Development Kit (DK) is optimized for global operation, supporting all LTE frequency bands in the region of 698–960 MHz and 1710– 2200 Mhz.

All antennas on the nRF9160 DK have fixed matching networks, which means that no matching configuration is needed to switch between the frequency bands. The average performance of the LTE antenna mounted on the nRF9160 DK is shown in the table below. The LTE antenna also supports other frequency ranges but it is not optimized for operating on these frequency bands.

Table 1. Antenna performance versus radio band
Band Average return loss [dB] Average efficiency [%]
3 -13.5 62.0
4 -7.1 47.1
13 -8.5 58.5
20 -10.5 73.8

The 2.4 GHz antenna on the nRF9160 DK is optimized for the frequency range of 2.4–2.48 GHz. It has an average return loss of -15 dB, average efficiency being 80 %.