nRF9161 DK v0.9.1

Current measurement

The current drawn by the nRF9161 System in Package (SiP) can be monitored on the nRF9161 Development Kit (DK).

Current can be measured using any of the following test instruments:

Power analyzer measurements are not described in this document. For more information on the other instruments, see the following sections and Power Profiler Kit II User Guide.

You can use connector P22 for measuring current consumption or monitoring voltage levels on the nRF9161 DK. For more information, see Preparing the DK for current measurements.

The use of a USB connector is not recommended for powering the DK during current measurements due to potential noise from the USB power supply. Instead, the DK should be powered externally through the VIN 5V pin on connector P20.

For more information on measuring, see Measuring current profile with an oscilloscope and Measuring average current with an ampere meter.