nRF7002 EK v1.0.0

Strapping a QSPI connection to the nRF5340 DK

If your application does not require external flash memory, you can use the nRF7002 EK Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI) connection with an nRF5340 Development Kit (DK).

The following steps describe how to strap the QSPI connection. See the following image and table for more information.

  1. Disconnect the QSPI signals from the nRF5340 DK onboard memory Integrated Circuit (IC) and route the signals to the P24 header on the DK.
  2. Disconnect the P10 header on the back of the Evaluation Kit (EK) from the nRF5340 DK if possible.
    Otherwise, to avoid interference, configure the nRF5340 DK's firmware to tri-state the I/O lines.
  3. Use cables to strap the P4 connector on the front of the EK to the P24 header on the nRF5340 DK as shown in the following image. See nRF7002 companion IC QSPI interface for more information.
  4. Cut SB10-SB15 on the nRF5340 DK.
  5. Solder SB20-SB25 on the nRF5340 DK.
Figure 1. nRF7002 EK strapped to an nRF5340 DK QSPI
EK QSPI interface strapping to DK
Table 1. nRF7002 companion IC QSPI interface
nRF7002 companion IC QSPI pin QSPI signal
P0.13 QSPI I/O 0
P0.14 QSPI I/O 1
P0.15 QSPI I/O 2
P0.16 QSPI I/O 3