nRF7002 EK v1.0.0

Using a Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2) in ampere meter mode for current measurement

The average current drawn by the nRF7002 EK can be measured using a PPK2. This method monitors the current in series with the nRF device. See the Power Profiler Kit II User Guide for more information.

Make sure you have prepared the Evaluation Kit (EK) as described in Preparing the nRF7002 EK.
  1. Connect the PPK2 between the pins of connector P6.
  2. Connect GND on the PPK2 kit to GND on the nRF7002 EK.
    You can use GND on EK connector P1 or P4 for ground.

    Figure 1. Current measurement with a PPK2
    Using Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2) to measure current on the nRF7002 EK