nRF7002 EB v0.9.0

PCB edge connector

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) edge connector of the nRF7002 Expansion Board (EB) is compatible with the Nordic Thingy:53™.

The following table shows the pinout of the PCB edge connector.

Table 1. PCB edge connector pinout
Pin Signal name Function
1 N.C. Not used
2 N.C. Not used
3 VIO IO supply voltage
4 N.C. Not used
5 ST0 Coexistence interface status/priority signal
6 REQ Coexistence interface request signal
7 N.C. Not used
8 CLK SPI clock signal
9 EN Power enable signal
10 N.C. Not used
11 N.C. Not used
12 N.C. Not used
13 N.C. Not used
14 VBAT Supply voltage
15 GRT Coexistence interface grant signal
16 D0 SPI MOSI signal
17 D1 SPI MISO signal
18 CS SPI chip select signal
19 IRQ Host interrupt signal
20 GND Ground

For connecting the EB to the Nordic Thingy:53, see Using nRF7002 EB with the Nordic Thingy:53.