nRF7002 EB v0.9.0

Using nRF7002 EB with the Nordic Thingy:53

The nRF7002 Expansion Board (EB) features a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) edge connector that is compatible with the Nordic Thingy:53™.

The following figure shows the connector (P9) on the Nordic Thingy:53.

Figure 1. Interface connector P9 on the Nordic Thingy:53
Interface connector P9 on the Nordic Thingy:53
Note: Insert the nRF7002 EB correctly with the text THIS SIDE UP facing upwards.

The nRF7002 EB routes the coexistence pins COEX_REQ, COEX STATUS0, and COEX_GRANT to the PCB edge connector. Newer versions of the Nordic Thingy:53 support the nRF7002 coexistence interface. For the Nordic Thingy:53 versions v1.0.0 or older, there are not enough General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)s available on the P9 connector to support the coexistence interface.