nRF Connect Programmer v1.4.1 or later


For troubleshooting, nRF Connect Programmer allows you to access a more detailed log file.

To open this file, click the Open log file button in the log window.

Figure 1. Where to open the detailed log file
Log window with highlighted Open log file button

The Programmer app shares several of the troubleshooting issues and suggested solutions with the nRF Connect Bluetooth® Low Energy app. Refer to the troubleshooting section in the nRF Connect Bluetooth Low Energy user guide for the list of issues.

Programming a device
If you are unable to program a device with the Write button, verify that:
  • You are trying to program a supported device.
  • There are no issues with the HEX file, and the addresses mentioned within the file are correct.
Restarting the Programmer app
You can restart the Programmer app by pressing Ctrl+R in Windows and command+R in macOS. A restart might be required in the following scenarios:
  • A device is reset while it is connected to the Programmer app. In this case, you may not see all COM ports in the drop-down list while selecting the device (e.g. nRF9160 DK) in the Programmer app.
  • Other errors.