Running a first test

Before you start developing, program and run a precompiled application on your development kit to ensure that the kit functions as expected and the communication between your computer and development kit works.

  1. Download the Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) demo application from nRF5340 DK Downloads and extract it into a folder of your choice.
    There will be two HEX files in the folder, one for the application core (peripheral_hr.hex) and one for the network core (hci_open_amp.hex).
  2. Install nRF Connect for Desktop and nRF Connect Programmer.
    See Installing the Programmer for instructions.
  3. Use nRF Connect Programmer to program the HEX files of the demo application.
  4. Press the reset button.
    The development kit will now restart and run the application. Note that while restarting, the JLINK drive will be disconnected.
  5. Download and install the Nordic nRF Toolbox app from Google Play or App Store.
  6. Open nRF Toolbox.
    Note: Enable Bluetooth® if prompted.
  7. Tap HRM.
  8. Tap Connect.
  9. Select Zephyr Heartrate Sensor.
    A simulated heart rate and battery charge percentage is displayed.
For more advanced testing scenarios, see Testing the application.
Next, continue to set up your development toolchain and build and program an application from the source code.