Programming the SoftDevice

If your application uses Bluetooth® or ANT™, you must program a SoftDevice in addition to the application.

There are several ways to program the SoftDevice to the kit. You can program the SoftDevice directly from Keil, use the command line tool nrfjprog (part of the nRF Command Line Tools), or use nRF Connect Programmer.

The Bluetooth SoftDevices are included in the nRF5 SDK and can be found in the SDK_dir\components\softdevice\ folder. Check SoftDevices for information about which SoftDevice is compatible with your development kit.

Note: The nRF5 SDK does not contain ANT SoftDevices. You can download them from The nRF5 SDK does not provide Targets to program ANT SoftDevices. Therefore, you must use nrfjprog or nRF Connect Programmer to program them.