Programming the application

After compiling the application and programming the SoftDevice, you are ready to program the application.

The easiest way to program the application is to do it directly from Keil.
  1. Click the Load button in Keil.
    Download code to flash memory
  2. If Keil prompts you to update to the latest firmware version, select Yes.
In this example, we compiled and programmed the ble_app_uart application. If everything worked as expected, you should see LED1 blinking on the kit approximately every 2 seconds.
If you have more than one kit connected to your computer, you will get an error message. In this case, configure which kit Keil should use:
  1. Select Project > Options for Target 'XXX'.
  2. Switch to the Debug tab.
  3. Click the Settings button next to the selected "J-LINK / J-TRACE Cortex" option.
  4. Choose the serial number of your kit from the SN list in the J-Link / J-Trace Adapter area.
  5. Confirm, then click the Load button again.