Setting up the nRF5 SDK

The nRF5 SDK does not require installation. You only need to download and extract the files.

If you followed the instructions in Running a first test, you already downloaded and extracted the nRF5 SDK files and are all set up.

Complete the following steps to set up your SDK environment:

  1. Download the nRF5 SDK zip file.
    If you have an nRF52 device, select the latest version. For nRF51 devices, select the latest version with support for nRF51 (currently, v12.3.0). For information about which SDK supports which IC revisions, check the compatibility matrices.
  2. Extract the zip file to the directory that you want to use to work with the SDK.
    This folder will be referred to as SDK_dir in the following documentation.
    Note: Compilers tend to run into problems with long path names. Therefore, place the folder as close to the root level of your file system as possible (for example, at C:/Nordic/SDK). Also, avoid using spaces in the file path and folder name.