Development kits, boards, and chips

Each nRF5 Series DK (Development Kit) contains a board, which in turn contains a chip. Some of Nordic Semiconductor's tools target the chip, while others target the development board or the development kit. Therefore, you must be aware of the relation between the different components.

You can find all compatibility information in the compatibility matrix for each chip. The following table summarizes the information that you must be aware of for programming your development board.

Table 1. Relation between development kits, boards, and chips
Development kit Development board Chip
nRF52840 DK PCA10056 nRF52840
nRF52840 Dongle PCA10059 nRF52840
nRF52 DK PCA10040 nRF52832/nRF52810
nRF51 DK PCA10028 nRF51422
nRF51 Dongle PCA10032 nRF51422