A SoftDevice is a precompiled and linked binary software implementing a wireless protocol developed by Nordic Semiconductor.

Since a SoftDevice is software, application developers have minimal compile-time dependence on its features. The unique hardware and software supported framework, in which it executes, provides run-time isolation and determinism in its behavior. These characteristics make the interface comparable to a hardware peripheral abstraction with a functional, programmatic interface. The SoftDevice Application Program Interface (API) is available to applications as a high-level programming language interface, for example, as a C header file.

The SoftDevice features and performance are subject to change between revisions of the SoftDevice Specifications documentation. SoftDevice Specifications outline the supported features of a production level SoftDevice. Alpha and beta versions of the SoftDevice may not support all features. To find information on any limitations or omissions, please refer to the SoftDevice release notes, which contain a detailed summary of the release status.

Supported production versions of the SoftDevice will remain available after updates, so products do not need requalification on release of updates if the previous version is sufficiently feature complete for your product.

ANT-related SoftDevices are available from Dynastream. This applies to both ANT only and ANT/Bluetooth® Smart combo SoftDevices.