S340 SoftDevice

The S340 SoftDevice is a combined ANT™ and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) protocol stack solution for the nRF52840 SoC, supporting concurrent operation. It is a Bluetooth 5 qualified protocol stack that offers up to 20 concurrent links in all roles.

The S340 SoftDevice is a complete Bluetooth Low Energy stack with GAP, GATT, ATT, SM, L2CAP, and Link Layer. Both GATT Server and Client are supported. The broad feature set also includes Privacy 1.2, LE Data Length Extension (DLE), configurable ATT MTU, L2CAP connection-oriented channels, and LE Secure Connections.

It supports all ANT features and offers a variety of network topologies, including peer-to-peer, star, and tree. Up to 15 individual channels are available, with broadcast, acknowledged, or burst transfer communication.

The S332 SoftDevice is provided by Dynastream in collaboration with Nordic Semiconductor.

The SoftDevice API documentation is available for different versions of the SoftDevice.