nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v4.2.0
Data Fields
zb_zcl_parsed_hdr_s Struct Reference

#include <zb_zcl_common.h>

Data Fields

union {
   struct {
      zb_zcl_addr_t   source
      zb_uint16_t   dst_addr
      zb_uint8_t   src_endpoint
      zb_uint8_t   dst_endpoint
      zb_uint8_t   fc
   }   common_data
zb_uint16_t cluster_id
zb_uint16_t profile_id
zb_uint8_t cmd_id
zb_uint8_t cmd_direction
zb_uint8_t seq_number
zb_bool_t is_common_command
zb_bool_t disable_default_response
zb_bool_t is_manuf_specific
zb_uint16_t manuf_specific

Detailed Description

Parsed ZCL header

Field Documentation

zb_uint8_t zb_zcl_parsed_hdr_s::cmd_direction

Command direction identifier.

zb_uint8_t zb_zcl_parsed_hdr_s::cmd_id

Command identifier.

zb_bool_t zb_zcl_parsed_hdr_s::disable_default_response

"Disable default response" flag.

zb_bool_t zb_zcl_parsed_hdr_s::is_common_command

"Common command" flag.

zb_bool_t zb_zcl_parsed_hdr_s::is_manuf_specific

"Has manufacturer-specific data" flag.

zb_uint16_t zb_zcl_parsed_hdr_s::manuf_specific

Manufacturer-specific data.

zb_uint8_t zb_zcl_parsed_hdr_s::seq_number

ZCL transaction sequence number.

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