nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v4.2.0
Data Fields
zb_zcl_metering_get_sampled_data_payload_s Struct Reference

#include <zb_zcl_metering.h>

Data Fields

zb_uint16_t sample_id
zb_uint32_t earliest_sample_time
zb_uint8_t sample_type
zb_uint16_t number_of_samples

Detailed Description

GetSampledData command payload

See also
SE spec, subclause D.

Field Documentation

zb_uint32_t zb_zcl_metering_get_sampled_data_payload_s::earliest_sample_time

A UTC Timestamp indicating the earliest time of a sample to be returned.

zb_uint16_t zb_zcl_metering_get_sampled_data_payload_s::number_of_samples

Represents the number of samples being requested, This value cannot exceed the size stipulated in the MaxNumberOfSamples field in the StartSampling command.

zb_uint16_t zb_zcl_metering_get_sampled_data_payload_s::sample_id

Unique identifier allocated to this Sampling session. This field allows devices to match response data with the appropriate request.

zb_uint8_t zb_zcl_metering_get_sampled_data_payload_s::sample_type

An 8-bit enumeration that identifies the type of data being sampled.

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