nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v4.2.0
Data Fields
zb_zcl_metering_get_profile_response_payload_s Struct Reference

#include <zb_zcl_metering.h>

Data Fields

zb_uint32_t end_time
zb_uint8_t status
zb_uint8_t profile_interval_period
zb_uint8_t number_of_periods_delivered
zb_uint24_t * intervals

Detailed Description

GetProfileResponse command payload

See also
SE spec, subclause D.

Field Documentation

zb_uint32_t zb_zcl_metering_get_profile_response_payload_s::end_time

It is 32-bit value (in UTC) representing the end time of the most chronologically recent interval being requested.

zb_uint24_t* zb_zcl_metering_get_profile_response_payload_s::intervals

Series of interval data captured using the period specified by the ProfileIntervalPeriod field. The content of the interval data depends of the type of information requested using the Channel field in the GetProfileCommand, and will represent the change in that information since the previous interval.

zb_uint8_t zb_zcl_metering_get_profile_response_payload_s::number_of_periods_delivered

Represents the number of intervals the device is returning.

zb_uint8_t zb_zcl_metering_get_profile_response_payload_s::profile_interval_period

Represents the interval or time frame used to capture metered Energy, Gas, and Water consumption for profiling purposes.

See also
zb_uint8_t zb_zcl_metering_get_profile_response_payload_s::status

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