nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v4.2.0
Data Fields
otThreadParentResponseInfo Struct Reference

#include <thread.h>

Data Fields

otExtAddress mExtAddr
 IEEE 802.15.4 Extended Address of the Parent.
uint16_t mRloc16
 Short address of the Parent.
int8_t mRssi
 Rssi of the Parent.
int8_t mPriority
 Parent priority.
uint8_t mLinkQuality3
 Parent Link Quality 3.
uint8_t mLinkQuality2
 Parent Link Quality 2.
uint8_t mLinkQuality1
 Parent Link Quality 1.
bool mIsAttached
 Is the node receiving parent response attached.

Detailed Description

This structure represents the MLE Parent Response data.

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