nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v4.2.0
Data Fields
otNeighborInfo Struct Reference

#include <thread.h>

Data Fields

otExtAddress mExtAddress
 IEEE 802.15.4 Extended Address.
uint32_t mAge
 Time last heard.
uint16_t mRloc16
uint32_t mLinkFrameCounter
 Link Frame Counter.
uint32_t mMleFrameCounter
 MLE Frame Counter.
uint8_t mLinkQualityIn
 Link Quality In.
int8_t mAverageRssi
 Average RSSI.
int8_t mLastRssi
 Last observed RSSI.
uint16_t mFrameErrorRate
 Frame error rate (0xffff->100%). Requires error tracking feature.
uint16_t mMessageErrorRate
 (IPv6) msg error rate (0xffff->100%). Requires error tracking feature.
bool mRxOnWhenIdle: 1
bool mSecureDataRequest: 1
 Secure Data Requests.
bool mFullThreadDevice: 1
 Full Thread Device.
bool mFullNetworkData: 1
 Full Network Data.
bool mIsChild: 1
 Is the neighbor a child.

Detailed Description

This structure holds diagnostic information for a neighboring Thread node

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